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PL/ 04/B/P/PP-174506
"Managerial Competence Level Assessment,
Training Plan and Implementation for SMEs" ASTRA
Polish Foundation of the Centres of Economic
Support Development "OIC Poland"

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    General aim of the project is to strengthen very small firm and start-ups as far as their chances of survival and to increase their competitiveness on the market through upgrading managerial competence.

Specific aims:

  • Establishing an ICT tool for self-assessment of managerial competence level for the start-ups (version I) and owner/manager of already existing firm up to 10 employees (version II). The main innovative asset of the ASTRA tool is a direct link between managerial competence assessment and a training plan tailored up to the needs of the tested individual.
  • Adaptation of the new tool to the partner countries business culture and environment.
  • Adaptation of the tool into national languages: EN, FR,IT,NL,HU, PL.

    The project aims at supplying SMEs and start-ups with support in training needs assessment and design and implementation of training plan.


Polish Foundation of the Centres of Economic Support Development "OIC POLAND"
ul. Melgiewska 7/9, 20-209 Lublin, phone 081 749 17 70, fax 081 749 17 75,

The project co-funded by the Community budget as part of the second phase of the LEONARDO DA VINCI Community Action Programme on vocational training.

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